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Over recent years, the science and technology behind hair care has been rapidly evolving. With the launch of Plex systems and other rebonding ranges, us hair-obsessed have been able to push the boundaries with our hair, no matter how much we stress we may cause it. 

Never before though have we experienced a breakthrough quite like K18 - The miracle treatment that brings back even the most damaged of strands back to their youthful state.

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What Is K18?

K18Peptide™ is the miracle molecule that hair care has been waiting for. K18 utilises a breakthrough, patented peptide to shuttle amino acids (the building blocks of hair) into the inner structure of the hair. Once inside the cortex, the unique amino-acid chain goes directly to broken disulphide bonds to replace the lost amino acids, regenerating the bond and restoring ultimate strength, resilience and softness. 

Traditional hair products have been formulated to cover up damage with conditioning treatments that coat the hair in oils, bringing superficial hydration and luminosity, but K18 is the first product to market that actually heals your hair from the inside out. 

Sounding a bit too sciency? Let us break it down for you:

As our hair is exposed to chemical services such as bleaching, heat tools and environmental damage the keratin chains that keep the hair healthy break down, causing the hair to weaken. K18 restores these chains, permanently, by using the same peptide the building blocks of hair is made of. K18 mimics nature, leaving the hair permanently restored. 

Who Can Use K18 And What Are The Benefits? 

Regardless if your hair is coloured or not, K18 is incredibly beneficial for all hair types. Our hair is not only damaged by colour, but from heat, sun, products, water and environmental aggressors. K18 restores your health and reverses damage, meaning everyone can benefit from it. 

K18 heals and strengthens hair with lightweight moisturising benefits to detangle and keep hair smooth and soft without weighing it down. It's strengthening properties reverses damage caused by from heat, chemical and mechanical styling while detangling and keeping hair smooth and soft. 

Let Us Answer Some Questions You May Have

How Do You Use K18?

While also being offered as a salon-only treatment, K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask  is the perfect at home treatment. Unlike traditional hair masks, K18 does not need to be rinsed. Follow these simple steps:
1. Shampoo (always twice) and rinse. Skip Conditioner
2. Towel dry hair thoroughly, apply Mask and wait 4 minutes. Do not rinse.
3. After 4 minutes, apply styling products and heat protection if desired and dry/style as usual.

Why Do You Skip Conditioner?

K18 is most effective on clean, towel dried hair. Conditioner formulas use silicones and conditioning agents that form heavy coatings on the hair that prevent the K18 peptide from penetrating to the broken bonds. In severe cases of product buildup, we recommend in using a clarifying or detoxifying prior to ensure best results. We love Christophe Robin Purifying Scrub or the Oblivion Clarifying Shampooo for priming the hair for treatments. 

K18 is more effective when left in. The formula is light weight and works on the inside of the hair, so the hair is left feeling clean and light, even without rinsing.

How Is K18 different from Olaplex?

 The easiest way to understand how K18 differs from Olaplex and other rebonding systems is to imagine a ladder. Olaplex repairs the disulphide bonds, in essence the horizontal bars across the ladder but does not reach the vertical bars. K18 is able to treat both the horizontal and vertical bars (Disulphide bonds and Keratin Chains) for a permanent result. 

How Often Can I Use K18?

We recommend in using K18 consecutively for the first 6 weeks upon starting to use (especially after a colour service) and then every 3-4 washes after that to maintain your healthiest hair possible.

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