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The Power Of Color Wow | Discover These Tik-Tok Favourites

The Power Of Color Wow | Discover These Tik-Tok Favourites

Known for it's cult-following by celebs including the Kardashians and J-Lo, Color Wow products are changing the hair game. Color Wow are not just passionate about hair care products, they're hair-obsessed. Using the highest quality science-backed ingredients, each product pushes the boundaries of hair care innovation, delivering the ultimate WOW factor. Whether it’s color protection, frizz control, or thicker, fuller hair that you’re after, these first-of-a-kind formulas have forever changed the hair game and have been honored with over 90 major beauty awards.

color wow ingredients

Now a storming Tik-Tok sensation, Color Wow products have become some of our best-sellers, selling out quicker than we can hold them on the shelves. Let us show you the most-viral Color Wow products trending now and why we love them so much!

1. Dreamcoat Supernatural Spray

Finally! Waterproof, frizz-free hair is achievable with this powerhouse product that can be described as absolute magic! Dream Coat covers each hair strand with an invisible waterproofing cloak. An absolute must for anyone looking to fight frizzy hair and achieve the silkiest, shiniest and smoothest hair you have ever had

If you have Tik-Tok, do yourself a favour and search Color Wow Dreamcoat to see these miracle results for yourself. For those girlies struggling with this humid, Australian Summer, Dreamcoat Supernatural Spray will completely humidity proof your hair, repelling moisture in the air for up to three days from one single application. With over 100 million views on Tik Tok, there's no wonder Dreamcoat is our best-selling product right now. 

2. Dreamfilter Pre-Shampoo Mineral Remover

Blondies - this one is for you! Do you struggle maintaining that creamy, bright blonde in Summer when you're in and out of the water and lapping up the sun? Or, do you ever wonder why your blonde becomes "dull" or even "darker" as time passes after your expensive colour appointment? This is a result of hard-water minerals building up on the hair, causing discolouration and compromised hair texture. Hello...Dreamfilter Mineral Remover.

This 3-minute detox removes colour distorting minerals, revealing brighter, shinier and silkier hair. Ideal for swimmers that are regularly exposed to Chlorine (good-bye, green tinged hair), Dreamfilter allows you to have the blonde of your hair dreams, without the dreaded discolouration. Dreamfilter is also your perfect travel companion when travelling overseas to destinations where the water quality isn't amazing. Not convinced yet? Type Dreamfilter Wow into the search bar of your fav social platform to see the results for yourself.

3. Xtra Large Hair Volumizer

There's absolutely no question as to why Color Wow Xtra Large Volumiser won in Allure's coveted Beauty Awards for Best Volumising product. This non-drying volumising mousse takes hair to new heights for long-lasting voluminous hair. Unlike traditional styling mousses, Xtra Large Volumizer uses a weightless polymer blend that doesn't disturb the hair cuticle, keeping the hair hydrated and healthy. 

Seeking Va-Va-Volume hair? This viral sensation literally feels like you have no product on your hair at all and can be applied to wet or dry hair. Our hot tip: Apply to dry hair on second day hair and blow-dry in to achieve voluptuous, sexy locks that promises to turn heads. 
It only takes 3 minutes to achieve glossy, luxe hair with Color Wow Money Masque. Collaborated by Color Wow and Celebrity-Stylist Chris Appleton, this intense treatment is the ultimate prep step for super healthy hair! 

Money Masque is an inside job: it instantly penetrates hair’s cuticle, and goes deep into the cortex to deliver massive hydration and rich, powerful Mediterranean-derived ingredients:

  • Blue Sea Kale: helps bind Sulfur with damaged keratin to restore strength and elasticity. Has color-protective antioxidants. Extra fortifying for chemically-processed strands.
  • Mediterranean Sea Kelp/Algae Blend: A powerful combination of natural moisturizers that deliver long-lasting hydration for dry, porous and chemically-processed hair. Also packed full of nourishing minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates.
  • Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein Complex: The ideal weightless surface smoother for even superfine hair, it’s a straight-up miracle for bleached, fragile tresses.

An added bonus, Money Masque also provides an added layer of heat protection, shielding your hair against heat damage from your hair routine. 

5. Color Wow Speed Dry Blow-Dry Spray

Does blow-drying your hair in the warm, humid weather absolutely do your head in? It's time to introduce your hair to Color Wow Speed Dry Spray. This heat-protecting spray reduces both blow-drying and air-drying time by up to 30%, by squeezing water out of the hair without dehydrating it. A blend of keratin proteins, panthenol and silky amino acids help renew hair’s elasticity and resilience. 

For hair that is especially prone to breakage and color fading, Speed Dry dramatically minimises damage caused by excessive exposure to heat. Pair it with our other Color Wow Fav's for the ultimate long-lasting style. 


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