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The Benefits of Vida Glow for Hair & Why it works

The Benefits of Vida Glow for Hair & Why it works

You may have heard about the benefits of marine collagen already, or perhaps you may already be using it. But did you know all of the incredible benefits it can have on our hair when it is added to our beauty routine?

Discover our latest range, Vida Glow, and learn how it can boost your hair health and growth, along with reversing the signs of premature ageing.

So, what is Marine Collagen?

Marine Collagen is a collagen supplement derived from the skin of fish that is used in a variety of health and beauty products. It is one of the few ingredients that has been scientifically proven to be able to supplement the collagen we lose as we age. Sadly, from our mid-twenties our collagen production begins to slow causing those wrinkles we all dread begin to appear, grey hair starts popping up and an overall loss in the elasticity of our hair skin and nails.

Enter Vida Glow - An ingestible Marine Collagen range, made from sustainably sourced fish skin that works to supplement the collagen that we lose. Vida Glow works from within to boost skin health. When ingested, it delivers essential amino acids  to the dermis (the deeper layer of the skin) to stimulate fresh collagen production.

Vida Glow’s Natural Marine Collagen is activated so your body can actually use it. It’s put through a process called hydrolysation, which transforms the fish skin into collagen peptides.

Why Marine Collagen for our hair?

Whilst Marine Collagen has been traditionally used for reversing the signs of premature ageing and maintaining a healthy, glowy complexion it's benefits also extend to our much-loved manes.

For hair, Vida Glow Marine Collagen has been shown to improve hair health, strengthen hair follicles, promote hair elongation and assist hair regeneration.

Restoring from the root - Collagen is the building block of strong and healthy tresses as it plays a critical role in the health of our hair follicles. Often the texture, growth rate and overall health of our suffers as our collagen production begins to slow down, causing our hair to become weakened and lifeless.

Collagen works by surrounding each strand of hair and anchoring into the scalp, strengthening the bond between the hair and skin. This bond is essential as without it, our hair falls faster than it should and becomes dull and fragile.

Through collagen supplementation, a healthy environment is created for our hair follicles, supporting the actual foundation for our hair - enhancing our hair from the inside out.

Powered by Amino Acids - Known to be a rich source of hair-boosting Amino Acids, Vida Glow Marine Collagen contains powerhouse nutrients including proline (what helps form collagen) and cystine (the main protein our hair, skin and nails is made of). Each of these ingredients are dynamic in improving the texture of hair, elasticity and strength. By boosting the body’s supply of amino acids, collagen helps support the scalp whilst also upping keratin production.

As Vida Glow has been naturally hydrolysed, meaning the protein sourced from the fish has been broken down into smaller peptides and amino acids our bodies can absorb the nutrients more efficiently for exceptional results. The body uses then uses these amino acids to stimulate collagen production and produce more keratin, what our hair is made of.

Make Vida Glow a Daily Essential

Shine at every age with the benefits of incorporating Vida Glow into your beauty rituals. More to love;

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Firms and plumps skin
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Maintains skin integrity
  • Promotes nail growth & strength
  • Heat stable - whether you stir it into cool water or your morning coffee, it is just as effective
  • Every batch of Vida Glow is tested for heavy metals, mercury and other contaminants - making it effective and safe.
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